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        About us

        New energy technology DCTEC

                DCTEC is a National High-tech Enerprise that specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing in electronic power field. It is founded in 2004, with a registed capital of RMB30.68 million. As a company who persistently regrads customer service as its top priority. DCTEC takes advantage of its independent research and development ability to become an expert of customized services in the new energy, electric vehicles, outdoor power supply, intelligent storage, mobile communications, industrial control, medical equipment, lighting engineering, environmental protection equipment, railway and other high-tech fields.
                DCTEC gathers and fosters a large amount of elites in power industry, forming team with strong R & D, production, quality control and management ability. The company has nearly 500 employees in its 10 thound-sqm-large R&D production base. It also successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2005 March, and induced the RoHS management system from March 2016. 16 product invention patents has been obtained, and most of its products have been certified by UL, TüV, CE, CSA, CCC, PCT, EK, IRAM, NOM.
                Relying on its leading R & D and design capabilities, DETEC provides services mainly towards high-end customers in various industries. It has more than 600 kinds of AC / DC, DC / DC and DC / AC customized products and series with power level covering from 2W to 1 MW. Our susseceful cases including: home energy storage, car power supply, electric automobile accessory, 2G-5G mobile communications, water quality analysis, etc. Customer inquires are always very welcome. We will provide you with professional advices and solutions. Becoming your company's long-term strategic partner is our common goal.

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        Product center

        New energy technology DCTEC


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        New energy technology DCTEC

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        phone: +86-755-26719318

        fax: +86-755-26633000


        address:1,8,9/F, Mingzhuo Building, Mingzhuo Industrial Park, Guangming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China